​Lady Victoria

All experiences include 30 minutes of communication, upon screening or deposit, to ensure we connect well.

This can be either a phone call or a scheduled time to email back and forth.

Bondassage on Request - $1,000

If you are unable to host :

Massage studio rental - $100 per hour

Bondassage Waitlist - $500

Location fee included, 1-6 month wait

Fantasy Play Extravaganzas

$5,000 - Fantasy Play Day

$10,000-$50,000 - Longer Experiences

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

A Day with a Domina - $2,500

An Exquisite Evening - $2,000

Combat veterans, active first responders, females, and trans-persons are given preference. 

If you fit one or more of those descriptions and are under 30, discounts can be made available.

Special Request Submission Petition

Waitlist - $500

Are you a crossdresser who has never revealed your femme-self to anyone?

A shy young newbie who would otherwise stay in the closet?

The Goddess's Gift to Dommes in an incredibly fit and sexy package?

A young couple beginning their exploration into BDSM?

This offering is for situations like these where I would gain

great fulfillment and joy in ways surpassing tribute.

Be prepared to write a petition/application essay and/or send photos

Note that while tributes do include State and Federal taxes, they do NOT include location rental fees.

If a dungeon or other location must be rented, that fee is in addition to the tribute.

The High Standard - $1,000


Up to two hours of scene time


At Lady Victoria's discretion

up to 30 minutes of social time may be included

(always an option for newbies, ladies, or couples) 

Foot Worship Only - Waitlist - $250 for 30 minutes

Social Time in Public - Waitlist - $250 per hour

Communication without Booking - $100 and up

Decadence and Debauchery - $1,500

Up to two hours of social time over a meal,

before or after a scene lasting up to two hours

(recommended and most popular)


An anticipation building communication package

of titillating emails before a scene of up to two hours


A debaucherously extended scene,

up to three hours

Additional Benefits :

If you book this or higher every time,

light communication between scenes is possible,

up to scheduling via email.

Playtime Plus - $1,250

Up to two hours of scene time 


30 minutes of social time,

with the possibility to extend to 1 hour

(provided the scene location can accommodate)

Delighting in Bondassage®, Discipline, Transformations,

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Lady Victoria does not offer escort services.

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