​Lady Victoria

Advisory : 

I do not take this lightly,
you risk My wrath being disrespectful

of My time and wishes



Despite the inherently intimate nature of what I do,

and the deep connections that form,
this is My profession; the work I do for a living.


I cannot permit a free-flow of messages from the >150 who book Me.

Here I have provided many options for you to obtain the connection you desire.

I am a self-employed, single, young lady entrepreneur still early in My career.
Asking Me to do for free what I do for work is not what a friend would do.


To have friends, you need to be a friend.

Patronize My business and book higher level experiences.

Send birthday or holiday presents.


If you are not willing to make use of these options and be a friend to Me,

do not presume to impose upon My good nature to ask for favors 'as friends' (for free).

It will not happen; you will just make things awkward (for yourself).

No lunches or dinners 'as friends', no 'catching up' 'as friends',

no presenting your problems to Me for advice 'as friends'.


While I am very thankful for those who choose to behave as Angels;

slipping in gifts-sometimes exponentially higher than My tribute-

cultivating My enthusiasm and a deep level of connection;

generosity on any level is noted and appreciated.

Lady Victoria does not engage in unpaid mental, emotional, or psychological labor.

The expectation of such from women is a popular topic amongst feminists.  

 Since the dawn of civilization

individuals who have sought to court favour would present gifts, or tribute. 

For a more modern feel you may send presents for birthdays

-Lady Victoria's is November 8th-,

anniversaries, or, holidays.

While many Dominatrices 
and other ladies do well with a loose

'buy me things from My wishlist and I will be nicer to you',

Lady Victoria prefers to have clear expectations; as detailed above.

Understand that Lady Victoria

would rather expand Her real-estate portfolio than Her closet,

cash is preferred.

Items not on the wishlist may be subject to a -25% conversion rate, or higher.

While sending $500 worth of latex or leather She enjoys and will wear again is lovely,

that will result in a single titillating email with photos;

if the items sent are specific to your fetish they will not translate dollar-for-dollar.

Ask before making any assumptions.

****Be aware that you should not expect instant gratification***

Check the availability calendar

Lady Victoria is only available during Green or Blue times.

Understand that I am a Lady

I will not be vulgar

Explicit nudity is not an option in photos,

nor will I allow My face shown in an image with insertables



Casual telephone call 


Email chat back-and-forth : $100 per 30 mins

(Included with a booking)

Titillating telephone call : $200 per 30

Casual Skype : $150 per 30

Skype Scene / Distance Training : $250 per 30

Titillating emails : $250 for one, $1,000 for five

Titillating emails with photos : $500 for one, $2,000 for five

Texts or Whatsapps : $5 for each you send, $5 for each additional topic -  My responses are free.

Social time over Lunch or Dinner : $500 for two hours - Only available if I am otherwise in town

Communications make the connection sweeter


As humans we bond and build rapport through conversations

We crave deep and fulfilling connections to satisfy an innate desire; a desire to feel vital

Our most satisfying connections in life form with those we communicate well with

Communications are included with Experiences

Monthly Contracts are available and include regular communication

Booking Decadence every time provides for light conversation between bookings

Booking days or evenings regularly will naturally cultivate deeper connections 

If you desire communication without booking, 
but consider this so personal that you don't want to feel like you're paying for it
sending gifts can be a solution.