​Lady Victoria

​Newbies are especially invited to contact Me. 

I adore discovering what resonates with conscious and sub-conscious inclinations. As a Switch, I understand well both sides. You will be safe with Me. 

Seasoned players can appreciate my passion, enthusiasm, and true love for this world.  

It brings Me great joy to put people in touch with their true selves.

Exploring innate inclinations, discovering and playing with what deeply resonates.  

There are many things that delight Me...

Training and caring for a submissive brings Me profound satisfaction.  I believe in developing My possessions to the full potential of their true nature.  I am a strict, fair, compassionate and loving Dominant.

Transformations are My specialty. Makeup, hair, silky lingerie, garters and stockings. Seeing one's Femme-self shine is a beautiful thing. Playing as a girl can be a delicious experience.

Spanking is a favorite of Mine.  I thoroughly enjoy disciplining naughty boys and girls, teaching lessons they will not forget. 

Those who crave higher levels of pain will be taken to their edge.

I adore using Bondassage® to send a stressed pet into a blissful sub-space.  Delightful surprises abound for even the most experienced.  

It is a wonderful introduction for a newbie to the pleasures of BDSM.

As a playful, kinky Goddess, I delight in seducing My pets into doing things they fantasize about.  

Sometimes there are dreams that just need to come true.

Part of my love for being on top comes from knowing how it delicious it feels to be on the bottom.  I switchfor Very select individuals.

As one who trained as an actor, role play has always had a special place in My heart.  Scripted or improv, I love bringing fantasies to life.

​I love meeting Ladies and Couples!  Whether I'm crafting exquisite experiences with long-time players, or helping to bring kink into lives, these experiences are My passion. ​ 

​In collaboration with My connections in the BDSM community, I offer Dom/me Training. Presentations and/or demonstrations for events can be arranged.  I also do dinner parties :-)

Much of My enjoyment comes from the psychological aspects.

Getting to know you as an individual.  Learning your buttons.  What makes you tick.

Truly giving yourself over to an experience requires being comfortable with who you are with. Knowing that you are safe.  Knowing that the person you are with cares about your

individual inclinations.

When a certain level of intimacy develops, experiences become profoundly deep, satisfying, and fulfilling.  That is what I seek.  

That is what I offer the right individual.

My fascination with human nature, open mind, kinky inclinations, and innate ability to take charge lead to My evolution. I came to realize that being a Dominatrix is truly My Calling.  Being able to combine all that I love is a beautiful thing.

This is My world now.  I am active in the NYC BDSM community. I bottom for educational demonstrations with world-renowned Masters.  I model for inspired Artists.  

I Love My world, delight in many aspects, and take pride in what I do- it is endlessly intriguing, highly rewarding, and a lot of fun :-)

Naturally blonde hair
Blue eyes
5'8" Tall


Hot Yoga Addict

Previously owned by an adopted Cat

La Domaine Esemar selected Me to be a part of their first ever Mistress Training Intensive.

There I was versed in

The Arts of the Dominatrix.

About Me